Anatomy of a Discussion
LORROS Discussions capture and contain group communication in an easy to use format which is similar to email in that any group member may start a discussion and past discussions can be keyword searched.
However, there are some clear advantages to Discussions, over normal email (see table):
  • Discussions have an end date, so threads don’t go on forever.
  • You receive email alerts about new topics and comments, and yet you can mute the alerts at any time.
  • LORROS automatically archives and indexes Discussions, so you don’t have to sort threads into folders.
  • All group members can take part (while in email you can accidentally leave someone off the list).
  • Discussions eliminate the risk of broken threads when a group member forgets to “Reply to All”.
  • LORROS Discussions reduce the risk of accidental forwards of confidential information.
Last modified 3yr ago
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