LORROS User Guide
Member Categories & Rights
There are a number of different roles LORROS group members may have but they can be divided into three basic categories:

Regular voting members (no icon) are able to:

  • Start Discussions, Actions, Polls
  • Participate in the above
  • Add Agenda Topics to meetings
  • Invite guests for Agenda Topics they have submitted and Discussions they have started
  • Edit, delete and add motions to Agenda Topics they have submitted
  • Move, second and vote on motions.

Voting members with Admin Access (green gear icon) are able to:

  • Have all voting member privileges plus are able to:
  • Perform admin functions (see Admin Functions)
  • Start meetings
  • Control agendas
  • Assign Actions

Non Voting Members with Admin Access (red button icon):

  • Have all privileges of voting members with Admin Access except:
  • Cannot move or second a motion
  • Cannot vote on motions or in Polls
The icons referred to in the above headings are shown in the list of the group members and indicate each member’s status.
Every LORROS group must have at least one member with Admin Access.
The voting rights and Admin Access of members can be changed at any time by a member with Admin Access.
Admin Access can be provided to any member, and more than one member at a time.
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