LORROS User Guide
Inviting Guests
LORROS Groups are able to invite guests/experts to take part in the discussion of Agenda Topics. A Group member who submitted an Agenda Topic and any member with Admin Access can invite guests.
When you complete a guest invitation form, that guest is sent an email which includes instructions for signing in and a temporary password. The guest then receives all emails relating to that specific Agenda Topic and is able to post Comments and Replies through a separate LORROS Discussion format which is set up for the guest(s). In the Discussion, guests will see all member Comments and Replies related to that Agenda Topic and members will see all guest Comments and Replies in the Agenda Topic of the LORROS Meeting. A guest is not able to vote on any motions and does not have access to any other Group information in the LORROS database, including other Agenda Topics in the same Meeting.
Regular voting members will not have direct access to the guest Discussion page. Members with Admin Access will be able to link to the guest Discussion page solely for the purpose of adding and removing guests.
Once the Meeting ends, so does the guest Discussion. The guest(s) can no longer access the group in any way unless by another invitation.
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