LORROS User Guide

Meeting Notices

LORROS sends out a number of administrative Notices during a Meeting. These are sent to all Group members even if they have opted out of receiving Messages.

The Notices include.

24 hours before a meeting starts - this serves as a reminder which is especially helpful if the Meeting was scheduled a number of days or weeks earlier. It also alerts members that this is the last opportunity to add Topics to the agenda.
When a motion is added during a meeting - this alerts all members that there is a decision to be made.
When a motion has been seconded - votes cannot be cast until a motion is seconded. This Notice alerts members when they can vote, so they do not have to keep checking in.
24 hours before a meeting ends - gives Notice to all members of the last chance to participate. Since LORROS requires a quorum of members to vote on a motion, it is important that enough members participate. This Notice tells the member which motions they have not yet voted on and hopefully gives them time to log in and vote. This Notice alerts administrative members that there may be motions that are currently invalid due to lack of participation. They can then log in to the meeting, check to see who has not participated and take action if necessary.
When the meeting ends - this Notice informs all members that the Meeting is over and that the minutes are available. A link to the minutes is included in the email.